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"A few years into working through betrayal trauma, I found myself struggling with many day to day issues, feeling overwhelmed and anxious about my security and ability to meet future unknowns....I was feeling like I didn’t know myself very well anymore

Heidi patiently directed me through many layers of obstacles, confusion and pain. When I didn’t even know what I wanted, Heidi helped me identify and open possibilities that were buried in my heart. Heidi was patient, listened carefully and truly HEARD me. She was calm, motivating and supportive and non-judgemental.

My life started improving in baby steps.... Before I knew it, glimmers of hope grew into pillars of peace.... I’ve grown in personal strength through this process and have more clarity and skills to move forward in other areas of my life. I no longer feel like I stumble through my days and I’ve gained more confidence in myself and my ability to uncover more growth."
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"Heidi is amazing and I am grateful to have her guide me as I am navigating through my healing journey.

She is a gentle, patient, kind, supportive, empathetic, understanding, loving, and accepting woman. Heidi creates a safe place for sharing, processing, and healing. Heidi is a wonderful listener.

She hears me, validates me, and helps me get unstuck. She understands that healing takes time and is a process. She encourages me to be patient and to look for the growth that I am experiencing whether large or small. My progression and healing are her top priority.

Heidi is knowledgeable and inspired. She coaches me on what I need at the time. I leave our meetings feeling hopeful, loved, and empowered.

Thank you Heidi!"
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