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When You Wear Too Many Hats

Sometimes it’s hard to take care of yourself.

Life is demanding!

You may have a job, kids, a spouse, and volunteer responsibilities. You have to clean the house, take care of the yard, feed the dog, keep the kids from killing each other, manage the finances, plan and prepare healthy meals…. the list goes on and on.

How are you supposed to balance everything in your life? Quite often, especially for a busy Mom, taking care of yourself ends up last on your priority list.

The many hats we wear, or roles we play, can become overwhelming. I understand that overwhelm.

I was a single mom with three kids. I was trying to juggle building a coaching business while babysitting a precocious little girl, being the Primary President at church, and on the School Site Council and PTA at the school.

I was taking a couple of college classes, taking care of the house and yard, and going through a divorce without lawyers.

I was spent.

I remember hearing, years ago, that one person can only wear 7 hats. I sat down and counted my hats:
1 – Mom
2 – Student
3 – Babysitter
4 – Homeowner
5 – SSC member
6 – PTA member
7 – Primary President
8 – Life Coach
9 – Lawyer/Paralegal

I was over by a couple, and I could feel it. But more important is that nowhere in that list was there a \”take care of me.\” As a life coach, I knew that self-care was important, but I wasn\’t practicing what I preach.

I had to choose what to let go of. I wanted to be involved with my kid\’s school.

I felt more connected to my role on SSC than PTA, so I dropped participating in the PTA.

I also put aside my coaching business.

I knew we were winding down on the divorce proceedings, so that would end soon. Dropping a couple of hats gave me more time to focus on what was important: my self-care.

It hurt to let these things go. But in the long run, I was happier. Not only did I have more time to focus on myself, but I also had more time to spend on things that brought my heart joy.

As a Certified Life Coach, I can help individuals like you whittle down your hat collection. Click here to book a free consultation with me. We will look at your responsibilities and decide what you can let go of.

We can also set into place some self-care rituals to keep you present with those that are left.

Click here to read Maurice Harker’s analogy about Barnacles and Self-Care.

Heidi Davies

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I help her set goals focused on HER value system instead of someone else’s and reawaken a lost sense of empowerment so she feels in control of her own life and happiness!


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