Because of the nature of my work, my testimonials will be posted with no names in order to protect the privacy of my clients.  It is important to me that everyone with whom I work knows that their privacy is a priority of mine.

A few years in to working through betrayal trauma with weekly 12- step, group and occasional individual therapy (and some couples therapy sprinkled in there a few times), I still found myself struggling with many day to day issues, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety about my security and ability to meet future unknowns and applying all that I had learned to in-the-moment, personal situations.

I was feeling like I didn’t know myself very well anymore. I’d completely lost myself after years of being married to an addict and not knowing it. Who was I? What was important to me? Does any of it even matter? I’ve got a house full of young kids to take care of in the middle of this healing mess.

I didn’t even know what I needed a life coach for, because I didn’t have any specific objectives! I was just clinging to my newfound skills from therapy to cobble together each day, but feeling exhausted MOST of the time. I was looking for hope and direction in my life and to feel like my days did not run me.

Heidi patiently directed me through many layers of obstacles, confusion and pain. Each week we were able to boil down some bite-sized action plan that seemed doable and motivating. When I didn’t even know what I wanted, Heidi helped me identify and open to possibilities that were buried in my heart. It always felt like I was doing all of the talking and solving my own problems. I never felt “guided” it coerced in any direction. It was a true unraveling and unfolding for me.

Throughout the process I felt Heidi was patient, listened carefully and truly HEARD me. She was calm, motivating and supportive and non-judgemental. I could bring up the most miniscule obstacle or fear without any qualms. Each was worked through with minimal, but strategic guidance from Heidi. Her input was always spot on.

My life started improving in baby steps. I did a lot of talking and processing in our sessions and always walked away with some new insight, direction or action plan that eeked me into new territory with my unfolding goals. Before I knew it, glimmers of hope grew into pillars of peace.

I feel a stronger sense of direction than when I started. I’ve grown in personal strength through this process and have more clarity and skills to move forward in other areas of my life. I no longer feel like I stumble through my days and I’ve gained more confidence in myself and my ability to uncover more growth. This has been such a positive experience.

I used to think that Life Coaching was for business executives, or people who didn’t have good friends to give them sound, honest feedback. Well, I don’t fall into either of those categories and I’ve found coaching from Heidi to be the perfect link to personal growth beyond what I’d been able to obtain on my own. Her skills and training, combined with her compassion, great personal insight and amazing listening, really stretched me beyond where I’d felt stagnated into an area of personal peace and stability.

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