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My Favorite Books

Here are some of my favorite books for you to peruse and use as your situation directs. Some are betrayal related. Some aren’t. But each has, in a way, and played a role in my path to healing and recovery.

what can I do about me

Rhyll Croshaw’s book was the first one I read when beginning my recovery journey. It is LDS based. Her story gave me hope. If she could get through those trials, I can suck it up and persevere through mine.

moving beyond betrayal

Moving Beyond Betrayal is the authority on boundaries with a sex addict. Vicki Tidwell Palmer holds your hand while she walks you through setting effective boundaries.


If you\’re learning to set boundaries in other situations, Cloud and Townsend are your authorities. This is their basic book, but they have others specifically for marriage, kids, dating, and leadership.

facing heartbreak

Facing Heartbreak is a little different than the others. It is a workbook, aimed to walk you through your experiences in order to heal. It forces you to get out of your emotional brain into your thinking brain, which makes it easier to problem-solve and eventually heal.

the body keeps score

Full disclosure: I haven’t read this book. But it’s on my list. High in my list. It traches how trauma can affect the body. I have learned about many of the concepts in this book through my therapist and others, and I found them to be very helpful.

treating trauma

Dr. Skinner is an LDS specialist in pornography and betrayal. I haven\’t read this one cover-to-cover, but the skimming I’ve done has been useful.

its just my nature

I’m a big Carol Tuttle fan. I highly recommend her Dressing Your Truth program and this book. This was my first step in my healing process. It instilled a sense of self-esteem that I never had before. I learned to recognize my gifts, many that I had often judged in the past as weaknesses.

gifts of imperfection

Brene Brown has spent a lot of time researching shame. She helps you understand that where you are, wherever that is, is okay. This is the first of at least half a dozen books she\’s written. They are all fantastic. (Er, well, I haven’t read ALL of them, but the two I’ve read are.)

how to avoid falling in love

If you\’re single and dating like me, or if you have teens or young adults who are dating, this is a must-read. It was eye-opening and really helped give me the confidence I can avoid marrying a jerk the next time around.


Like Dragons They Did Fight was originally written for those battling pornography addiction. But it had been updated for anyone who wants to overcome the influence of the adversary in their lives.

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