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Lost Your Ability to Dream?

Remember when you used to dream? You had romantic visions of how you’d live your life. Somewhere, those dreams stopped happening.

As time passed, you watched one dream after another fade away as you realized that in your current situation, they’re not going to happen. I mean, how can they?

You’ve hoped and waited for so long, but in every direction you turn, something is blocking your way.

I know all too well. You push for your dreams as long as you can, but hope wanes as you just don’t have the strength anymore. You are fatigued. You can’t see how to maneuver around those blocks anymore. You feel trapped.

For years, I allowed my dreams to be blocked by the circumstances of my marriage. I was married to an addict, and I allowed his addiction to disempower me. I lived from day to day, managing the best I could with the emotional strength I was able to muster.

I was controlled by the external circumstances of my husband’s behavior, and I lost hope in the future.

My low point came shortly after my last child was born and I was diagnosed with depression. In my journey to find a way out of this dark place, a good therapist and a good coach helped me learn how to dream again by learning how to control those things in my life that I could control while giving the rest to God.

Not only did I learn to dream again, but I learned how to fight for those dreams despite what was going on around me. Now I do the things I love regardless of the circumstances around me.

I believe it’s possible not only to dream again, but to see those dreams realized. As you practice this new level of control, you create new dreams within your realm of being realized. You begin to take back your power and push through the fatigue. Those blocks that trapped you before can easily be moved. You feel powerful.

As a life coach, I help others develop new dreams and fight fatigue. If you’re struggling to get out of survival mode and reawaken your dreams, schedule a free consultation with me to help you get started.

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Heidi Davies

Hi, I’m Heidi.

I help women who feel powerless to external circumstances “find their fight” so they can live the life they dream. 

I help her set goals focused on HER value system instead of someone else’s and reawaken a lost sense of empowerment so she feels in control of her own life and happiness!


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