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Lessons learned on the freeway

I had one of those cool “ah-ha” moments last week.

I was on the freeway, in the carpool lane, going a sensible speed to stay a safe distance behind the cars in front of me and keeping with the flow of traffic.

There was a guy that stayed on my tail, dangerously close, for like, 10 miles.

I could see him in my rear view mirror and could tell he was angry at me.

I didn’t get it.

It was an open carpool lane, meaning that he could get out and get back in any time he wanted.

And there was no traffic.

Nobody was in his way.

Why was he letting one self-righteous person in the carpool lane keep him from doing what he wanted to do? From what he thought was necessary for him to be happy?

So often in life we let others dictate our happiness.

We sit there and let others lack of action limit our action.

We get at angry at them for slowing us down, when all we have to do is change lanes to go as fast as we want.

There’s so much power in doing what you know is right for you.

The blessings that come from following God’s plan for you, and from living to the fullness of our capacities are wonderful. It is empowering to live the life that you want to live.

I know, easier said than done, right?  

Depending on close this person is to us, it can seem impossible.  

When a parent, spouse, sibling, or another person in authority in our life is the one slowing us down, it will probably be hard to say, “Thank you for opinion, but I know that this is the right choice for me, and the plan that will bring me happiness and fulfill my purpose” and then drive by with a goofy grin on our faces as they look at us, stunned.

So, how do you do it?

Well, that’s where life gets tricky.  

It takes confidence in yourself and in your plan to tell someone you love ,”I’m doing it my way.”  

Need help?  

That’s where I come in.  As your coach, I can guide you in developing a plan that will help you change lanes out from behind whomever is slowing you down.  

Start with a free consultation or my free mini-course on helping you follow through and be successful in accomplishing your goals.

Heidi Davies

Hi, I’m Heidi.

I help women who feel powerless to external circumstances “find their fight” so they can live the life they dream. 

I help her set goals focused on HER value system instead of someone else’s and reawaken a lost sense of empowerment so she feels in control of her own life and happiness!


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