Gain More Personal Power & Finally Live the Life YOU Want

Are you longing for something more in your life?

Maybe you're not quite sure what that is... but you know you want it!

You're ready to get out of the "daily rut" of your life, but have no idea how to do that.... let alone where to start.

The Finding Personal Power Through Intentional Living program is FOR YOU!

Purposedfull Living

Deliberately Choose

How to Live Each Day

Plan with a Purpose

Intentional Activities

Live Your Dreams

Using Passion Projects

Feel More Powerful

With Tools You Can Use

Do You Remember Belle From
Beauty & the Beast?

She lived in a small village where the only seeming options were to marry the town brute or stay single the rest of her life. She really lacked the options to do much more than that.  

But Belle knew there was something more than “this provincial life.” She wanted “adventure in the great, wide somewhere.”  Fortunately, she stumbled upon a lonely beast and had the opportunity to have the adventure she longed for.

Have you ever felt like Belle?

  • Maybe you’re living every day on autopilot
  • You’re going through the motions, but not really feeling like you’re in control
  • You know there’s “something more than they’ve got planned.” 

Few of us, if any, are fortunate enough to have our life’s adventures and purpose handed to us like Belle. We have to go out and find it.

But where? And how? How can you get out of the daily rut that has you waking up every day and waiting for life to find you?

How can you get out of that automatic, unconscious part of your brain that goes through the day reacting to the circumstances around you?

The Finding Personal Power Through Intentional Living program is your answer!

In the Finding Personal Power Through Intentional Living Program, you will learn...

Yes, you can research and take the time to figure these things all out on your own. But why would you? 

In the Intentional Living class, you can learn these tools and get a certified life coach to guide you as you apply them
to fit your own unique circumstances.

What clients have said...

My life started improving in baby steps…. Before I knew it, glimmers of hope grew into pillars of peace…. I’ve grown in personal strength through this process and have more clarity and skills to move forward in other areas of my life. I no longer feel like I stumble through my days and I’ve gained more confidence in myself and my ability to uncover more growth.”

[Heidi] hears me, validates me, and helps me get unstuck. She understands that healing takes time and is a process. She encourages me to be patient and to look for the growth that I am experiencing, whether large or small. My progression and healing are her top priority.

All the Important Information You Need...

Who this is for: Women who are ready to take back their life and be in control of their own destiny

What: An 8-week ONLINE program

When: Tuesdays, July 11th - August 29th, 8:00AM PT

Investment: $500 (or 2 payments of $250)

woman walking on path

Steps to register...


Fill out the form below... easy-peasy! I just need basic information.

Set Up Payment

After you fill out the form, you will be directed to an easy payment page. You can choose if you want to pay at once or make 2 payments.


Watch for a welcome email with the link to the Zoom meetings each week

Register for the Finding Personal Power Through Intentional Living Program

Once you click “register,” you will be sent to a payment page to get that set up.

Questions you may have... and the answers!

Classes begin every 8 weeks and are available on Thursday evenings at 5 pm PT (Pacific Time). Each class is 1 hour.

But what if I can’t make evening classes?
Not to worry! I offer morning classes on Tuesdays at 8 am PT. Enrollment begins in late August.

The actual class meeting is about an hour a week; give or take, depending on what we have to cover that week and how chatty the class is.

The time between classes depends on you. Some of your goals may take as little as 5 minutes a day. Others up to an hour. But we will work together to make sure you have the time to work on whatever is important to you.

No problem. Sometimes life throws you the unexpected. If you miss a class, you have two options. First, if you feel like you need the weekly lesson or support,  you can always schedule a free consultation on my booking page to get caught up. Or if you are on a roll and feel like you don’t need it, then you can join us at the next meeting.

I will be available via email or text most anytime you need support. Just… please… not in the middle of the night.

Yes! I have a once-monthly coaching class for alumni from any of my programs. It is $25 for a one-hour group coaching session. And you can always reach out to me on my booking page if you need some one-on-one help.

Of course!! When you check out, click the drop-down for the two payment option to pay $250 now. You will be sent an invoice in week 5 for the remaining $250.

If you have to drop out, then I’ll miss you.

Will I get a refund?
I will happily provide a prorated refund for the remaining classes, minus a $35 administration fee.

You email me, of course!!  I’d be happy to answer any questions you 

Heidi Davies

Hi, I'm Heidi, your Intentional Living Coach

I know what it's like to feel stuck... in the same place and never moving forward.

Never able to reach your own goals... and feeling like you have no control over your own life!

I spent years with an unhealthy spouse, letting his behaviors suck the joy and spark from my life... always waiting for him to make changes...

Thinking I couldn't progress without him and feeling like if I moved forward with my own goals, I would "outgrow" him.

I felt like others were holding me back... but was powerless to do anything about it.

Until I learned a system to live intentionally that literally changed my life! It taught me how to set  (and reach) goals for things that are important to me; things I knew would make me happy.

Now I'm able to live the life I've always dreamed of.

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