Electronics: The Good and the Bad

Electronics have a place in our lives.  I believe is nearly impossible to live a life today without them.  And frankly, they’re the main reason I have a job: men who lack self-mastery use them to look at pornography, break the hearts of their poor wives, and I work with these amazing ladies to bringContinue reading “Electronics: The Good and the Bad”

Lessons learned from Moana, Part 3 (Spoiler Alert!)

If I was absolutely forced to choose the best clip in Moana, this would be either #1 or #2.  The monster is Te Ka, the raging lava monster that Moana and Maui face.  You’ll see at the end of the clip, that Te Ka is actually Te Fiti, or mother earth. Moana sings, “They haveContinue reading “Lessons learned from Moana, Part 3 (Spoiler Alert!)”

Lessons learned from Moana, Part 2

During the trip to return Te Fiti’s heart, Maui and Moana encounter many monsters: walking (and battling) coconuts, a gigantic crab, and and fearsome lava creature all test their resolve. Maui, who wasn’t keen to go on this adventure in the first place, is often unhelpful and would rather just go his own way.  OccasionallyContinue reading “Lessons learned from Moana, Part 2”