About Me

I am a life coach certified through the World Coach Institute.  I am currently working on my credential through the International Coaching Federation, or ICF.

I chose to become a life coach because I love working with people.  That sounds so cliche, I know.  But I do!  I’m the person who spends all of church in the hallway chatting with my friends instead of going to Sunday School.  I strike up conversations with random strangers at the grocery store.  After spending 30 minutes in line with someone at an amusement park, we come out on the other side best friends.  I love people!

I originally went into this thinking I’d be a parent coach, because I’ve always loved studying child development and how to develop mutual relationships of respect.  But through the encouragement of a couple of my instructors and after some prayer, I decided to change my area of study to working with those who feel like they are powerlessness to the external circumstances in their life.

I live in Southern California with my husband, three kids and dog.