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I help women learn to set value-based goals so they can live a life of fulfillment and joy.

Learn to do the things that are important to YOU and be in control of your life.  See yourself for who you really are and who you are becoming…

And don’t let anyone stop you as you LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Amaryllis Flower
Heidi Davies

Let me tell you my story...

I was married for almost 20 years, during which time my ex struggled with a worsening pornography addiction. I experienced many facets of emotional abuse and gaslighting. 

I was led to believe that his addiction was my fault because I wasn’t skinny enough, or I didn’t keep the house clean enough, and my behavior was what kept him in the addiction. 

(In case you don’t know, another person’s addiction is NEVER your fault!)

I was introduced to the WORTH program by a good friend who has faced the same trial. In my therapist-led support group as part of the program, I learned many helpful tools…

  • The importance of setting boundaries: rules about how other people can treat me,
  • The importance of self-care: caring for my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health, 
  • How to let go of my anger,
  • But mostly, I realized I can live the life I want to live no matter how he lived his life.
Amaryllis Flower

I began to stand up for myself!

It felt so good! I spent a lot of time envisioning how I wanted my life to be.

It began to feel like I was finally starting to live the life I wanted.

I slowly began building habits and spending my time doing things that made me happy.

I stopped waiting for him to come along. The day finally came when I received spiritual confirmation that it was time to end our marriage. I remember the day with distinct clarity. It was a tough day.

Since then, I have taken even more steps to live my ideal life. It’s not easy. Life is still hard, but a different kind of hard… a welcome kind of hard. 

I had learned as much as I could being married to an addict. It was time to learn new things. 

It was time to learn how to financially support myself. It was time to learn how to rely on God.  I have done that… and it feels INCREDIBLE!

Heidi Davies

Why the amaryllis flower...

The Greek word “amarysso” means “to sparkle.”
In Victorian times, an “amaryllis” was a strong, confident, and beautiful woman.
I believe all women can feel like this!

Changing how you see yourself... changes everything!

Reawaken Your Lost Sense of Empowerment!

Live the life you've always dreamed...
whether your spouse comes along or not.
Be in control of your life!
Be the person YOU want to be!
Feel joy again!

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