About Me

Heidi Davies

Certified Life Coach

I am a life coach certified through the World Coach Institute. I chose to become a life coach because I love people.  That sounds so cliche, I know.  But I do!  I’m the person who spends all of church in the hallway chatting with my friends instead of going to Sunday School.  I strike up conversations with random strangers at the grocery store.  After spending 30 minutes in line with someone at an amusement park, we come out on the other side best friends.  I love people!

I originally went into this thinking I’d be a parent coach, because I’ve always loved studying child development and how to develop mutual relationships of respect.  But through the encouragement of a couple of my instructors and after some prayer, I decided to become an empowerment coach, working especially with women who have experienced betrayal trauma.

I live in Southern California with my three kids and a dog. My day job is as a paraprofessional in a middle school special ed class. I am also working on getting my degree in Marriage and Family Studies at BYU Idaho. In my spare time, when I manage to find some, I like hiking, dancing, and crying over Jane Austen classics on Netflix.

What I can help you with:
  • Overcoming Betrayal Trauma
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Setting Goals
  • Writing a Declaration Statement
  • Writing Affirmations
  • Carving Out Time for Self Care
  • Setting a Life Vision
  • Discovering your Values
  • Applying Concepts from Books, Classes, and Therapy
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