Random Question

So, when one disappears from the blogging world for the good part of 3 years, is one required to do a “This is where I’ve been” blog post? I feel like I should. So I shall.

“Where I’ve been” is quick and easy to explain. I’ve been through a divorce, and have been working almost full time and going to school part time. The last four or five months or so I’ve been feeling the pull to start coaching again. So here I am, making my internet presence known. I am working on a couple of other projects which I will announce as they become more sure, but for now I hope you hear from me at least once a week. Please reach out to me on my contact page or on facebook for more information about my services.

Published by Heidi Davies

I am a certified life coach. I work with women who feel powerless to external circumstances. I can help you find your fight to live the life you dream.

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