Do you know what’s awesome about Mondays?  It’s a chance to reboot.  It’s a new beginning, a clean slate, a fresh start with absolutely no mistakes.  Many people pick Mondays as a day to start new goals or reboot old ones that have fallen by the wayside.  I was wondering recently, though, why wait until a Monday to start a reboot?  Why wait when you have a fresh, new, clean day every day?  There are a few good reasons to start rebooting daily instead of weekly.



First, it helps build habits faster.  If you fall off a goal after only two days, you are wasting five days until you start again!  What if you rebooted the next day? That’s only one day that you’ve missed, and it will be a lot easier to build a habit if you only skip one day instead of five.

Second, when you start fresh each day you are more likely to focus on your successes in stead of your failures.  It’s more motivating to look back and see how hard you have tried every day to succeed.  If you haven’t even tried for 5 days in a row, how motivated are you going to be to try again?  If you keep trying every day, even if you don’t succeed every day, you are going to be more successful.

Third, it’s nice to have some introspection every morning as you plan your goals for the day.  I had a boss that once told me, “People that make a list get twice as much done as people who don’t, even if they only finish half the things on their list.”  I have found it to be so true!!  When I sit down with my list of “to do’s” and goals every day, it forces me to prioritize my life.  I have found things that, as I work regularly towards my goals and habits, sometimes I find that things are less important to me than they seem in the beginning.  If you reboot weekly instead of daily, you’re going to waste a lot more time figuring out those types of things.

So, how do you do it, you ask?  It’s as simple as making a couple of lists.  Get a notebook, a planner, or another place to write things down.  Make a list of what habits and goals you are working on.  Prioritize them.  You definitely want to work on the most important things first.  But sometimes the most important things are going to take a long time.  So throw in a couple of short, easy to accomplish goals so that you feel successful.  Then, every morning, take five minutes to write down your to do list for the day.  Seriously, it can take as little as five minutes.  This does not have to be a complicated thing.  Just make a to do list.  And then go and do.  Even if you don’t do everything on your list, you will feel accomplished and successful.

Try rebooting daily and see how it works for you.  Come back and leave a comment if you like it!!

Published by Heidi Davies

I am a certified life coach. I work with women who feel powerless to external circumstances. I can help you find your fight to live the life you dream.

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