Lessons learned from Moana, Part 3 (Spoiler Alert!)

If I was absolutely forced to choose the best clip in Moana, this would be either #1 or #2.  The monster is Te Ka, the raging lava monster that Moana and Maui face.  You’ll see at the end of the clip, that Te Ka is actually Te Fiti, or mother earth.

Moana sings, “They have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you.”  Have you ever had your heart ripped out, not necessarily from betrayal, but from loss, or any negative experience in your life?  Has the grief and/or pain ever made you feel like you are not yourself anymore?  Maybe like you’re an out of control lava monster?  I sure have.  What do we do when that happens?

If you listen closely to Moana’s song, the last two lines say,

“This is not who you are.  You know who you are.”

When we feel like a raging monster, it’s usually because we’ve forgotten who we are, like Te Fiti.  I choose to believe that I am a daughter of an Almighty God, a Father in Heaven.  He does not want me to be unhappy.  When I remember who I am, I choose to remember to maintain control over my life, and practice faith that my trials are part of a much bigger plan, it is easier to have patience, stay focused, and choose to find happiness.

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