Creating Happiness

Have you seen this meme?  It became a favorite of mine the second I saw it.  If you are the spouse of an addict, it may be a long time since you’ve experienced true happiness.  So often we turn to outer sources to find happiness.  We think that we can find it in a new workout regime, a new beauty product, a new weight-loss scheme, a new handbag or pair of jeans, a binge-watching of our favorite netflix show, or a bag of our favorite unnecessary salty or sweet snack food.
happiness-i-made-it-myselfBut happiness doesn’t come from things.  It comes from us.  From our actions.  From doing.  We can read self-help book after self-help book, and create all of these awesome new awarenesses, but if we don’t put those things into action, they are of naught.

Happiness comes from ourselves.  From practicing gratitude.  From practicing optimism.  From realizing that we have power to live our lives the way we want to.

You can find happiness, despite the actions of those around you.


Published by Heidi Davies

I am a certified life coach. I work with women who feel powerless to external circumstances. I can help you find your fight to live the life you dream.

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