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Have you ever found yourself saying, “If my husband would…” “If my boss would…” “If my kids would… then I would just be happy.” Then, when that thing happens, have you ever noticed you often find something else blocking your happiness?

Your happiness doesn’t depend on other people or their actions. It depends on you. It depends on you working hard to live within your value system; to live authentically.

Living authentically is especially hard when you have a husband addicted to pornography. This particular challenge requires faith, strength, learning, and knowledge. It requires self-care, boundaries, and preparation for whatever the future may hold. It is helpful to have someone hold your hand, show you which footsteps to follow and which books to read. It can relieve your burden to have someone help you apply what you’re learning in books, classes, and therapy by giving you individualized guidance.

I can do that. I’ve been there, trudging through the mud, hoping to find the footprints of those who went before me. I add my prints to theirs, widening the path for all those who come after us. I reach out my hand to yours and offer to help you find your fight.

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